Coastal Rowing with our st. ayles skiffs

At Annan Harbour Action Group we have two hand built St. Ayles Skiffs and a growing team of rowers of all ages from across the community. Do you want to try your hand at rowing? Get in touch via our Contact page and find out more....

Annan Harbour Action Group also host the annual "Bell Ringers Raid" with teams from around the UK racing across the Solway Firth to Bowness on Solway, re-enacting an historic event from the 1600's when locals rowed across the solway and stole the church bell from Bowness church.

Why not come along and give rowing a go? Our members row most wekends. For more information follow our facebook rowers page at annan harbour rowing club, CALL 01461758210 or email

What is a St. Ayles Skiff?

It's a 6.7m rowing boat for four rowers with one oar each, and a coxswain to steer the boat and encourage the crew. It is designed to traditional lines based on a Fair Isle Skiff by Ian Oughtred, but built using the modern techniques of clinker ply and epoxy. They are named for the Scottish Fisheries Museum building, home of the organisation that commissioned the design, with the aim of creating a craft that could revive inter-community rowing around the Scottish Coast. 


What is Coastal Rowing?

Prior to the 1950s almost every coastal community in Scotland would have an annual rowing and sailing regatta where locally built boats would compete against each other. Since 2010 more than 150 St Ayles Skiffs have been built by communities and a substantial programme of such events has been re-established. See for a flavour of how popular this new sport has become here and abroad.


Who rows?

Loads of communities all around Scotland and the north of England have already built boats and are now recruiting crews to form racing teams or just to explore the coast and waterways of their own localities.


Why Rowing?

Coastal Rowing is a sport enjoyed by all ages, from teenagers to pensioners, and is one of the best forms of exercise – using nearly all the muscles of the human body.

It is also recognised as one of the most team-intensive sports around, as a physically weaker crew with excellent timing will always beat a strong crew who cannot row together. Age groups can compete in their own classes and the regattas are highly social events. So why not round up some pals and come and have a go yourself?