annan harbour REGENERATION PROJECT 2020

On St. Andrew's Day, the 30th of November 2020, the Scottish Land Fund announced that Annan Harbour Action Group had been successful in a grant funding application to secure an award of over £90,000 for the purchase of an historic building adjacent to the harbour along with a piece of land, commonly known as the Minister's Merse, that sits within the area of Annan Harbour.


Annan Harbour Action Group have conducted a feasibility study and consulted with the local community to develop a vision for the future of Annan Harbour and the purchase of these two items will allow the project to move forward over the next few years.


The local community, led by Annan Harbour Action Group (AHAG), wants to transform the harbour so that it can recover its place as a vital economic, cultural and environmental resource for the town. The group identified a neglected warehouse known as Collett’s building, an area of derelict land known as the Minister’s Merse, and the quayside as key spaces to lead the regeneration process.


The regeneration strategy has at its core re-establishing the town’s link to its landscape, which is a rich natural and cultural resource. The derelict land will be decontaminated and restored as a wildlife haven, with new accessible paths and a bridge connecting the site to local path and cycle networks.


Reconnection with the River Annan will be re-established, clearing the harbour of silt to enable improved leisure and commercial water access, and allowing the creation of a tidal lagoon for safe recreational boating and swimming.


The warehouse will be repaired and transformed into an activity hub providing space for heritage exhibitions, a workshop for heritage boat-craft skills, a bunkhouse to provide visitor accommodation and a flexible café and meeting space.